An evolution in timber construction

19th vs 20th Century techniques, massive reduction in components and labor on-site, waste, time to install, whilst providing better quality and value with higher factory-made precision.

Glued-in-rods (Gi-Rods)

Connections are critical to ensure the success of any Mass Timber project.

Glued-in-rods ( Gi-Rods ) are on the cutting edge of this technology. Venturer has invested significantly in the adoption of this connection typology.In connection design, we prioritise the aesthetic appearance, performance, and ease of installation.


Gi-Rods technology is based on steel rods being glued into pre-drilled holes in timber elements before the elements arrive on site. The concept is simple but the process and due diligence is anything but. The mechanical advantages of Gi-Rods include reliable strength under regular conditions, high local force transfer, relatively high stiffness, and the possibility of ductile behavior.


In our opinion, this is a wise investment in further off-site preparation that has a significant impact on reducing the complexity of many installations, coupled with a reduction in highly skilled glulam familiar installers.


We have also witnessed an improvement in quality and appearance as connections become less visible and there is a significant decrease in the risk of damage to components during the installation sequence.


CDF analysis

The best engineering partnerships are critical to producing the best solutions. Differences in codes, product choices and and markets require different disciplines, Venturer work with some of the brightest minds in engineering including: Europe, the US and Asia. 

It is imperative we access the latest tools to arrive at the most efficient solutions for example: computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the analysis of fluid flows using numerical solution methods. This technology is more commonly associated with aerospace and automotive industries.

Example above: is for a grid-shell roof proposal at a top Golf Resort.

Analysis and optimisation with a evolutionary solver or multi-object evolutionary optimiser

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