Conceptualize, design, supply, and fit-out and jointly run, one-of-a-kind fabrication laboratory for the young and old alike. 

The Patina “Fab Lab” is situated in the hot new brand‘s property located at the Fari Islands Maldives and opened to much acclaim in June 2021. An immersive experience that allows guests to design and produce a variety of laser cut and 3D printed products across a variety of materials, including sustainable source timber. Venturer is the Joint venture partner of the Island’s owners the Pontiac Land Group.

Community-Based Low-Cost Solutions 

Venturer is privileged to be in a position to put our experience in both, sustainability and the built environment to good.We believe in the concept of enabling others to help themselves and their communities and at the same time respect the environment embracing sustainability. 


Educating the next generation of building professionals is important, sharing knowledge and the benefit of lessons learned is important; therefore we actively support a variety of educational forums. We are passionate about changing the built environment but are fully aware, that this will not be achieved at scale if it depends solely on importing products and services across thousands of kilometers; obviously, regional initiatives are critical. 


Today, we can use the latest in Design for Manufacturer and Assembly 

(DfMA) techniques and apply them to locally developing engineered timber components that are produced using certified materials. Our recently developed  ‘V2 componetised structural modular building system’  is a step in that direction. The development is being led by our office in Chennai and incorporates local engineering, resources and manufacturing. Applications include low-cost housing right the way up, to the domestic hospitality market.

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