R&D Developing Regional Products

Developing Regional Products

Today the majority of our projects are built with European mass timber. From the outset, we have committed to producing competing products from regional timber sources.



Venturer has benefited from government research grants and is a key member of the evaluation committee for Lignor standard fiber-based engineered timber products that we believe may eventually displace what is in the marketplace today.


Stranded fibre-based products like Lignor’s patented IP have the potential to leapfrog the current technology. Moreover, they use cheaper and faster-growing regionally available resources with almost double the wood recovery.


This has the potential to transform our built environment, with great benefit to our carbon capture and improved quality of buildings.

Singapore Government Research Grant 2017

Venturer has tested and developed a material with regional tropical timbers with the help of a Singapore government grant in 2017. 

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