21st Century Treatments


NexGen wood protection is a Canadian product exclusive to Venturer, that embraces the latest advances in timber nano treatments. NexGen is an environmentally friendly non-toxic wood treatment system.
Mass timber element is dip treated with NexGen to ensure: 
  • Protection from mold, rot, mildew, and fungus
  • Protection from wood-boring insects such as termites
  • Stabilizes wood fibers 
  • Upgrades the resistance to fire

Patina Plus

Patina Plus powered by SIOOx
Protecting MET  “Surface Convert not Coat” 
A revolutionary process invented in Sweden, and jointly developed with Venturer for specific markets means we no longer need to coat the timber with costly products that do not last. The new buzzword is ‘Surface Conversion” a unique process using a two-step environmentally friendly application that petrifies deep into the wood surface, unparalleled protection for many years whose appearance will not fall off the cliff!


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