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NTU Researches Invention, an invisible coating that makes wood fire resistant

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University have invented a near-invisible coating that makes wood fire-resistant, whilst retaining its natural beauty. Once heated, the chemicals in the coating react, turning into a black char and expanding to more than 80 times the original thickness. The blackened exterior prevents fire from consuming the wood underneath. It costs around $2 to cover a square metre of wood. NTU is in talks with several companies to licence the technology.

Projects: India has huge potential for timber-based low-carbon housing

Chennai Engineered Timber prefabrication hub is in the formation process, says Hill India, working extensively on COP26 climate pledges, has huge potential of timber-based low-carbon housing construction for masses.

Floating Homes Rising Sea

Timber Roof Adds finishing touch to Historic Changi Chapel

The Changi Chapel and Museum is impressive in more ways than one. Now we’ve seen it for ourselves and it’s finally open to the public after a two and a half year closure for extensive rebuilding, you too can see the eye-catching new timber roof. Designed by Architects SG LLP and built with “Glulam” – glue-laminated engineered wood – by Venturer Timberwork, the new structure is the first certified Chain of Custody Project awarded in Singapore by the PEFC. It’s also the first time a sophisticated supply chain traceability process has been used by DoubleHelix to identify the source of timber. Sourcemap tracked the journey of the wood used in this project from forest to installation. Check out who’s reporting in the latest Venturer video on this project.bus leo.

Timber Buildings go beyond Net Zero

The developer wanted an iconic art installation designed by famous artist James Turrell, but it had to be made with timber. The project team were sceptical at first, but here, Kevin Hill MCIOB, managing director of Singapore-headquartered engineered timber specialist Venturer, describes how they worked with an award-winning architect to conquer the complexity required to deliver pure simplicity.

It was the developer’s vision to include iconic art pieces within the Fari Islands Development, comprising a Ritz Carlton and Patina Hotel, the largest luxury hospitality development undertaken so far in the Maldives.

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Environmental Sustainability

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Amanpuri Retail Pavilion

 It is fitting that Aman’s new retail concept should begin its journey at Amanpuri – the very first Aman property to open its doors on Phuket’s Andaman coastline 32 years ago. At the striking new Retail Pavilion, designed by renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, guests can browse and purchase an impeccably curated selection of items, exclusive to Aman, through unique collaborations with renowned local and international artists and designers.

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ABC Carbon

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